Jacksonville Neighborhoods to Invest in

Are you looking to invest in Jacksonville, FL real estate?

Jacksonville's balanced quality of life remains a top priority for investors looking to expand their wealth through real estate. What makes Jacksonville enticing is its affordability, huge population and business-friendly environment.

As with all important things, it's imperative to allocate a good portion of your time to perform prior research. Doing so will help you achieve your predicted financial returns based on your property of choice.

In this article, we here at Gifford Property Management will discuss the different neighborhoods in Jacksonville. Our objective is to help you gain a better idea to help you reach a good decision. Being able to gather useful information will help you see the promising real estate available in Florida. Thus, you'll be able to invest wisely.

Where To Buy Real Estate In Jacksonville, FL


Deerwood is a top neighborhood choice for investors. It's target is mostly families given the myriad of residential properties available. A good area to raise a family, Deerwood has a low crime rate and attracts the affluent for its amenities and executive lifestyle.

Investing in a property complex designed for families is easy given Deerwood's parks, country clubs and recreational facilities. Restaurants and shopping spots are also abundant here, guaranteeing comfortable living for residents!


Southside is another residential neighborhood where investors can target families when buying a property. Southside's rich history and amazing landscape makes it a natural draw for residents. It's a relaxing place to live in and offers scenic views.

Southside also provides convenience to its dwellers with abundant amenities such as restaurants, shops, and malls. It's hard for renters to get bored when living in a place promoting the best of both worlds. You get natural outdoor recreation and historical attractions in one place!


With Riverside's artsy vibe and historic charm, investors will find that this neighborhood continues to attract. Diversity is highly present and cultural entertainment is available on a massive scale. One can find art museums, lovely gardens, hip dining spots, exciting bars and charming, vintage shops in this area.

Many love the art markets and waterfront park that's prominent in Riverside. You can look for properties that you can design to be unique and stylish reflecting the vibe of Riverside. You can also choose to invest in luxurious apartments to attract the affluent trendsetters who're at home with Riverside's highly urban environment.

Bartram Park

Investors wanting to maximize the comfortable blend of nature, amenities and mixed-use properties can go for Bartram Park. With 14 gated communities, you can select through diverse properties such as townhomes, single family homes, condo units or apartments.

Integrating the convenience of seamless home, work and play, Bartram Park attracts diverse residents. You won't be limited to targeting families only. Aside from man-made amenities (gyms, pools, recreation center), what makes Bartram Park special is its natural wonders. Residents can have their pick of outdoor activities from boating, cycling or hiking in this neighborhood.


A canopy of oak trees covered in moss characterizes the Mandarin neighborhood. Residents are provided with mesmerizing river views. Mandarin is also rich in history, its name dating back to the 1930's. Investors will find that purchasing properties here is profitable given Mandarin's perfect combination of residential, natural and commercial spaces.

Living here, one can enjoy its multitude of parks, museums, shopping centers and relaxing green spaces. You're bound to attract renters who will appreciate living in an area where ease, nature's beauty and historical attractions intersect.

Oakleaf Plantation

Investing in Oakleaf Plantation allows you to embrace this planned community's idyllic spaces. Its main advantages are derived from built-in amenities and proximity to the downtown area of Jacksonville. Part of its luxurious offerings is a pool, gym, playgrounds, clubhouse and a dog park.

You can invest in apartments where residents can comfortably stay and commute minutes away to premier restaurants and shopping centers. Your target market is also welcome to own pets given that amenities in Oakleaf Plantation are pet-friendly. For larger families, you can also choose to invest in single-family homes. The location is near highly-rated schools and a public library, meaning parents can easily access excellent educational facilities for their kids.

Downtown Jacksonville

Investing in the heart of Jacksonville ensures continuity of renters. It has a thriving business district, relaxing views of the nearby St John's River and a cool list of urban entertainment. Moreover, it has a Sky Express link making for easy transport from the north or south end of Downtown Jacksonville.

Tourists, young professionals and families fill the downtown area with its urban attractions. Major companies also put up their headquarters here. The art and culture scene is seen as vibrant.

Residents have full access to fun concerts, first rate museums, art festivals, stylish boutiques and chic restaurants. When it comes to nightlife, Downtown Jacksonville also offers diverse bars, pubs and breweries.


A definite bestseller for home buyers and property investors, Nocatee is a good master planned community to consider. It's near top-rated schools, offices, shops and restaurants, making it convenient for professionals and families to stay here.

In a Nutshell: Real Estate Markets in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a consistent frontrunner for real estate investors given its population growth. People remain attracted to its multitude of employment and business opportunities. Additionally, it has a wonderful year-round climate that further boosts relocation to this city. For families, top schools in the area are also a clear reason to move aside from its affordable quality living.

If you are searching to buy Jacksonville real estate, you should check out Deerwood, Southside, Bartram Park, Riverside, Mandarin, Downtown Jacksonville, Oakleaf Plantation and Nocatee.

Don't hesitate to contact us at Gifford Properties & Management today if you have questions about investment opportunities in Jacksonville, FL!

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