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Are you a landlord looking to make the most out of your investment(s)? If so, look no further than Gifford Properties & Management. Gifford Properties & Management is committed and dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible service.

We are a full-service property management company. This means that we are in a position to help you in all facets of property management. Whether you're looking for help finding a tenant, screening them, collecting rent or maintaining your property, among much more, Gifford Properties & Management can help.

Founded almost a decade ago, our goal is to provide Florida property owners world-class service through innovative services. It's no wonder why we've become one of the most sought-after property management companies in Florida.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us TODAY. You can do so by dialing (888) 870-5070 or by contacting us through our contact form.

Our Property Management Services

Many things set us apart from the competition. For one, we rent out vacant units quickly. Once you hire us, you can expect your vacant unit to be occupied within 14 days.

Secondly, we guarantee placing only the best tenants in your property. Our thorough tenant screening process guarantees placement of high-caliber tenants only.

Thirdly, a whopping 99% of our tenants pay on time. Besides having a foolproof tenant screening process in place, we also have policies that ensure tenants pay on time, every time.

Lastly, we don't tie down clients with long-term, inescapable and jargon-filled contracts. Ours are not only flexible, but are also simple and direct.

The following are more reasons why we offer the best amongst Florida's property management firms:

1. Our marketing process is effective and result-driven.

At Gifford Properties & Management, we believe that no Mandarin landlord should miss a rental income due to a vacancy. As your property sits empty, you're losing money.

If you hire us, we'll make sure your vacant property gets much-needed exposure. We know exactly how and where to advertise your property so that it attracts as many potential tenants as possible.

We'll advertise it on our website, list it on top rental listing sites, as well as promote it via yard signs and newspaper ads.

2. Our rent collection policies ensure efficient collection of rent.

Is hunting down rent at the end of every month wearing you down? If so, Gifford Properties & Management has the solution. With our automated rent collection system, you can rest assured that you'll get paid on time, every time.

Our team's priority is to ensure consistency and timeliness in regards to your rental revenue stream.

Our tenants have three options when paying rent. They can do so through credit card, cash or e-check.

3. Our rental analysis is free.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know how much you should charge for rent? With Gifford Properties & Management, you can! We have tools and resources to ensure your rental property is priced accordingly.

Our goal is to help you charge the perfect rent. That is, one that will enable you maximize your income all while keeping your property attractive to prospective tenants.

4. Our tenant screening process is vigorous.

At Gifford Properties & Management, we understand that renting to great tenants is key to long-term success. The tenant you rent to can make or break your investment. It's for this reason that we make our vigorous tenant screening process mandatory to all prospective tenants.

So, if you're looking for long-term, understanding, responsible and rent-punctual tenants, look no further than Gifford Properties & Management.

Our screening process examines tenants concerning multiple areas. We review their income, creditworthiness, as well as rental, criminal and employment backgrounds. We don't leave any stone unturned in our quest to land the best possible tenant.

5. We'll keep your rental property legally compliant.

A ton of tenancy laws govern the landlord-tenant relationship in Mandarin, FL. Without any experience and skills in managing tenants, this can prove to be daunting.

Luckily for you, while legal compliance is certainly mandatory, you don't have do it yourself. At Gifford Properties & Management, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable property managers that can help you in that regard.

So, be it federal, state or local laws, rest assured we can help.

6. We'll help you handle evictions smoothly and professionally.

Do you want help kicking out a problem tenant? If so, we have the experience to help you with that. Carrying out an eviction is anything but pleasant. It is usually costly, time-consuming and frustrating.

It can also be tricky for someone without experience and proper understanding of the law.

Gifford Properties & Management can help. With us beside you, evictions will no longer be among your worries. Whenever one becomes necessary, we'll make sure it's goes as smoothly as possible.

7. We'll take care of your property like we would our own.

As property owners ourselves, we understand how valuable your property is to you. For this reason, we'll do everything possible to ensure it's always in good shape, 24/7.

Besides implementing preventative maintenance measures, we'll also ensure quick responses to tenant repair requests.

About Mandarin, FL

Seated in Duval County, at the south end of Jacksonville, is the neighborhood of Mandarin. Its quiet, quaint nature makes it perfect for those living here. Moreover, Mandarin has the best of both worlds, as it also offers a bustle of activity with its opportunities for recreation.

Mandarin is well-known for its alluring and unique setting. It's home to grandiose oak trees blanketed by Spanish moss, making the area feel like paradise. Mandarin also carries a history behind its establishment, as it was once a notable river port for the shipment of citrus fruits, hence its name.

Top attractions in and around Mandarin include Friendship Fountain, MOSH, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Treaty Oak Park, Southbank Riverwalk, Florida Theatre, and Alpine Groves Park.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas we Serve

We service various regions spread across Florida. They include Mandarin, Riverside, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and St. John's County.