Tips to Prevent Tenant Damages

How to Prevent Tenant Damages

Tenant damages are expected when one is occupying your rental unit. Be it borne from negligence or normal wear and tear; damages are possible.

This is even more emphasized when there are plenty of turnovers and different renters have stayed in your property. Some tenants are very good at taking care of a property while some tend to be passive or apathetic when it comes to their responsibilities as renters.

So, what can you do as a landlord? There are some ways to maneuver this common issue so the likelihood of spending on costly damages is extensively reduced. Check out these tips to ensure your property will be shielded from extreme damages in the hands of tenants.

Easy Report System

Tenants value convenience. If they spot property damages that require immediate maintenance, they want to report it quickly.

Imagine waiting until a landlord has spare time to check the issue. Sending a message or email can help, but there’s no way to monitor the request, as the response is not visible in a tracking system.

One of the best ways to keep a record and be able to monitor responses to the request is to have a portal for both owner and tenant. Details like the date and time log of the request, as well as the specific issue, would be accessible.


This way, the request won’t get lost in an avalanche of messages and emails a landlord may receive on any given day by different tenants. Keeping it in one system is efficient and easy to use for renters.

Plants for Landscaping and Curb Appeal

There’s no argument that plants certainly amplify the attractiveness of a property; they make the place look more visually appealing. However, when plant installation is done haphazardly, such as when tenants cultivate their plants, it can cause damage to the property. This must be checked since plants can cause insects to multiply, such as mosquitoes.

Plants need regular tending since their leaves can result in moisture and damage on the roof, gutters and floors. Regular trimming must be done so the plants won’t affect electrical lines and ruin other parts of the house. Advise tenants that there are particular restrictions when it comes to certain houseplants that can be detrimental to the rental property.

Tenant Maintenance Checklist

Tenants can become busy with their routines and sometimes start to neglect their duties in maintaining property upkeep. To make it easier for them, a landlord can provide a detailed maintenance checklist.

It can include reporting minor damages as soon as possible, consistent waste disposal and cleaning up the areas in their premises. This checklist eliminates blaming and promotes accountability.


Tenants won’t need to wait for the landlord to act and can keep their end of the bargain when their responsibilities are written in black and white. They don’t even need to keep referring to their leasing agreement and will appreciate the handy checklist.

Professional Cleaning

There’s a difference between professional cleaning and normal household cleaning. Even if you have to pay a fee to professionals, you can be certain that the standards are topnotch.

They clean using a variety of cleaning tools and techniques that deep cleanses every nook and cranny of the property. It makes the rental unit feel spotless and refreshing afterward. You can also rely on the cleaning equipment and cleaning products that are used to serve their function well.

This can be conducted annually or bi-annually. You can even arrange to split the cost with your tenant. Thorough cleaning protects your property from damages, as this keeps the dirt in check and enhances maintenance.

It also extends the life of your furnishings and prevents normal wear and tear for longer. When you choose to invest in professional cleaning services, your tenants will appreciate how you care for the rental unit. This can encourage them to renew their leases when the term ends.

Great Communication with Tenants

Cultivate opportunities for open dialogue. It starts with tenant orientation and showing them proper ways to use gadgets and appliances to prevent damages. If you have important policies, such as zero-tolerance for smoking inside the property, highlight this during your conversations.


Check with your tenant from time to time and ask for updates about any property maintenance requests he may have. Sometimes, a tenant may be busy and it escapes his mind until he's reminded. This is common when it comes to minor damage issues.

When a tenant has caused the damage, refer to your policy on who shoulders the repair expenses. If it’s nothing major, it’s best to handle it yourself. Be proactive in dealing with property maintenance and keep your lines of communication open by listening to your renters.

Long-Term Maintenance Plan and Regular Inspections

Nothing will ever replace consistent maintenance action. Everyday living means that fixtures are constantly used, so routine property inspections must be adopted. If you’re a diligent property owner, you can easily nip property problems in the bud, but this can only happen when you practice scheduled inspections.

Make sure to be observant and look around both the interior and exterior parts of the property. Regularly check the essentials that would require urgent attention if damaged, such as:

  • Heater
  • Air conditioning units
  • Roof and gutters
  • Plumbing
  • Foundation

When these are neglected, they translate into costly expenses. Additionally, be alert to pest infestation and mold growth, since these can affect the health of the tenants.

Bottom Line

It’s all too easy to place the blame on tenants when talking about property damages. As a landlord though, you have options to minimize the incidents of tenant damage. Implement foolproof solutions and you’ll be thankful to preserve the value of your investment property by being proactive and paying attention to your property.

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